Wednesday, 18 November 2009

With recycled materials

The above piece was part of a birthday
present for my brother.

Above: A lamp decoration made of
wire, paper and black ink.

I made this lamp with two very cheap
salad bowls I thought would work very well
for the translucent effect I wanted to obtain.
Paulina Aranda-Mena ©

Sunday, 15 November 2009

in this little video, my brother Guillermo and Saucer Man

In early 2009 I was eagerly preparing a project for a Diploma in Film and TV
at The Victorian College of the Arts
more well known among Melbournians as The VCA. I had been given a title
and had to come up with a short visual account in 9 images of such title:
" The Gathering" so I thought of a story where my brother gathers all the
ingredients to make "tacos" including a "tortilla press". But to his surprise
a little alien space man takes off on his "new space craft"!

All copyrights reserved, Paulina Aranda-Mena ©