Sunday, 24 August 2014


These images correspond to my latest traveling journal- black in its original cover-.
As this is where I record events and images of my travels, I decided to work on a cover that would be representative of such experiences and so I chose a couple of papers: For the front cover, a map of Prague with a sticker I collected in Vienna and for the back a leaflet I took in Zürich and much liked because of the striking colours and photograph of two people in movement. This is what came out.

Don't doubt, design! Don't doubt DESIGN.

It is known that the only things we often regret are those we don't do. 
In September last year after some doubt but motivated by Freitag's  visual concept and ethos, I drafted an idea for a rain-bag and even though it didn't take concrete shape, I clearly visualised it, which means, it can always become alive.