Monday, 31 May 2010


A little introduction:
The idea that prompted this was the unwillingness I one day felt to shower and look fine.

1. Look bad at least once a week. Dress in a completely miss-matched way. Do not care about what anyone will think but also do not apologise to anybody for your appereance. Let them think whatever they want.

2. Find time in your week to be unpredictable and funny.

3. Take iniciative when the other/others least expect it. Particularly if it embarrasses you or represents a personal challenge.

4. Be brave enough to stand for what you dream. If you envision yourself as an actor, say YOU ARE. Most importantly when people ask you for the first time. You will get to meassure so much of yourself by their reaction.

5. Get lost in the city and make discrete, small marks on the pavement, under benches, walls or wherever. Not to damage anything or to go back, just to be with the city.

6. Go inside a building you always look at for its beauty or uniqueness. Don't ask for permission go as if you owned it.

7. Have lunch in a park more often.

8. Forget television and write and draw your own ideas and stories.

9. Write something erotic. If you manage to concentrate, do it in a public space where many people circulate. It's fun to know you are so into your thoughts among the movement.

10. Be alone when you are afraid of your own self. You will discover many things about you.

11. Follow your instinct...really.

12. Hang around people who like you just how you are. If you are too concerned about being liked, then, they aren't worth your time.

.....Oh well, perhaps I'll see this again in the future and doubt some of the lines...The manifesto is an endless process.