Film is a second life

For many years now I have been very fond of Cinema. I have read and documented on film waves and directors I feel passionate about. In fact, I wrote my Bachelor's Degree thesis on the subject, "The filmic space. An approach to space conception throughout some of the most important social, political and cultural movements"

 Liv Ullman in Ingrid Bergman's 'Persona'

This page is therefore intended to express the appreciation I feel for this art form and what it has taught me about life; the endless reflections of one's self through its marvelous mirror.
I would not like these lines to be taken as formal reviews but rather as a very personal and intimate way of expression that hopefully will incite some reflective thought in you.

So come to the journey of the movies I here comment, the quotes by some cinema directors that have echoed in my mind and other lapses of light fragments !



As my brother and I were once joking, this is part of my "University Campus" 
The Mediatheque is an extraordinary resource for all people who like myself love films and it doesn't even cost. Their system is simple and friendly to the cinephile wanderer. You access their online catalogue and hopefully find the material you are looking for; and surely, other jewels you didn't even know existed. Then you make a booking and you are ready to watch those hard to get footages. I knew very little about Australian non main stream movies before I came across this wonderful resource, soon after I was enthusiastically discovering things like "Pick nic on Hanging Rock" or the New Zealand Noir in "Beautiful Creatures" I have been lucky enough to have seen many films here I had not watched before!


The Melbourne Cinematheque is one of the places I retreat for inspiration and thought -provoking film rarities I might have read about before but never actually seen on the big screen.
I started joining the velvety room in 2009 and it always seems to foster other chinephiles curious avidness for the moving image. 

The Cinemathèque shows two films on a row during its monthly programme which is generally dedicated to the works of a chosen Film Director or Film Wave, while giving the spectator the opportunity to expand on knowledge and enjoy or endure (this is not for the faint at heart) the marvels of this art form.