Thursday, 7 October 2010

The story of a Box

I like boxes and tins, particularly those
old fashion ones. Some years ago I attended
a Theatre Diploma in México. I was at the time
(2006) very involved in my Flamenco dancing and
doing the diploma, I thought, would give me more
confidence on stage. The course was designed to be
joined by dancers and actors. Little did I know at
that time it would become a very significant event
in my life.
There are many anecdotes worth telling but I will narrate that of a box.
We were asked to decorate a simple carton box in order to put our "props" inside. I was very fond of a photography book my father had given me called:"A day in the Soviet Union" (obviously an old one) where Kodak comissioned 50 of its best photographers to capture all aspects of Soviet life. I have never been to Russia but I was fascinated by the images, their rustic look, the buildings,
the ordinary people (their isolation in some of the images),the vastness of the country.I decided I wanted to use and amplify some of these photos for my box. I was to put trees around it and on the lid a window with an old doll standing there. I thought it very simbolic and also,
I wanted to sort of "free" that opaque image everytime I opened the box.
I still like my box. It keeps memories of that marvelous time of
introspection and also an ever-lasting memory of my Drama
teacher: Teresa Rábago, a woman of great personality and determination and how
much she encouraged my work.