Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Celebrating Life

My brother loves to sketch, scribble and write;  basically to have a pen or anything of a sort and 
paper where to land all the images! (here an imperative update: his iPad!)

I decided on the occasion of his birthday, to give him a set of "Moleskine" notebooks, but I wanted 
to imprint a personal motif, so I set to think up a concept that would symbolize my appreciation
for his restless artistic recordings and at the same time to portray  some of the moments that have nurtured our lives. During the many years that Guillermo and I lived appart, he always sent me postcards; and even up to the present day, he does!. I love receiving them simply because they carry his words and lines!. While I look at the photo on the postcard, I imagine him in a cafe elsewhere in the world. 
The concept I developed for these three notebooks and the wrapping envelope, has to do with this epistolary idea and the journey of our lives!

Paulina Aranda-Mena ©