Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Following my tradition of recycling paper and other objects with artistic potential I started collecting the now historical Melbourne tram tickets. 

At first they were just a novelty, their colours and size seemed useful. I found them quite handy for quickly scribbling something when I was reading and then sticking them between the pages of the book as bookmarks. 
Little by little as it often happens with objects in my drawer (they undergo some inexplicable metamorphosis!) the stack grew bigger. I loved replacing the rubber band with which I tied them for a bigger and fatter one, not to mention that characteristic sound worthy of a poker scene!

Destiny had it that the tickets would one day and in their very own right be sitting too! 
These chairs had been thrown away and their cute three-legged body seemed most appealing to me in that modernist fashion, so the chairs had to be given a new home and new garments.