Tuesday, 20 August 2013

To travel is by observation (thoughts on this blog's Photography section)

I took to photography when I started University but that in a sense was the sequel to observing things I tried to freeze in my memory such as unusual images that appeared along the road trips my family did; mostly along the U.S. and Canada.
While driving in long stretches of country side, it seemed quite fascinating that people should live in such vast plains in the middle of nowhere.

I used to fix my gaze as to absorb these frescoes of a Hopper painting while the car kept advancing, and often wondered if people felt lonely living there.

Years later I discovered film Director David Lynch during University as well. I mention him above many others, not just because he is one of the key figures of film history but because of his unconventional interpretation of these still frames put into a narrative.
Poignant images, impossible images!

David Lynch was a powerful revelation, as compelling as those memories of trips along the American landscape.

This gift to transform the ordinary, or to present the banal with such mastery as some of my favourite French directors do, is simply extraordinary.

I am still keen on photography, and film, for that matter. But to do magic with the image…that's another story!