Wednesday, 13 November 2013

On the road to imperfection

DESIGN; an all too –encompassing word but a very narrow one when it comes to good or bad, as there is nothing in between.

One of the best surprises Switzerland had in store for me was Freitag. 
A brand named after its creators 
Daniel and Markus Freitag.
After 19 years of their original bag design,the name is proudly worn by many urban dwellers.

I came across the first Freitags in the street, though later discovered that they've been awarded exhibition spaces at MOMA N.Y and The Design Museum of Zürich.

The portrayers are mostly dynamic-city people who very likely prefer riding a bike to driving.

After seeing a few too many different bags I was curious to find out more about the origins of 
the Swiss Company.

Rather than retelling the whole story (which you may read through the link below) I just want to highlight some of the exciting facts along this reading, especially since they resonate with some of my own creative work and life choices.

•       Making something useful from waste
•       Each design is unique
•       Created out of sheer necessity and observation
•       Project and company are owned by the Freitag brothers

Last and not least, the first Freitag bag is proudly displayed at MOMA and Freitag's web site. 
Moreover, it became the source of inspiration for subsequent creations- patina included-

This vindicating fact has reminded me that imperfection can be perfect when it’s taken to its full potential, if you only believe.
Perhaps if the Freitag brothers had doubted that the worn out truck tarps would appeal to anyone, I wouldn’t be taking the time to write this and the tons of Freitag bag-owners would have to dispense with the hip environmental-statement they carry.

From the rejects drawer