Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Hands

For this entry I have included a link to a video by Hermès "Hearts and Crafts" not only for its impeccable production but because it resonates with the beauty of craftsmanship that derives from a well expressed idea through the hands.
It's interesting to see how manual skills have not gone out of trend but on the contrary, are well sought after by some of the most prestigious brands. This places the value of the artisan's intervention alongside technology, valuing both entities as a binomial collaboration.

Moreover, the artisan's work brings to our attention that remarkable designs are not altogether that far from a touch of the human soul. The people interviewed along the clip share a vivid account of the aforementioned. Their dedication and outstanding precision make use of a range of tools, from a hammer or a needle and thread, etc to the most sophisticated software. The pride they take in their work is inspiring.

Additionally, there is a playful picture that corresponds to my own hands after being sank in paint.